About Us

The Oxford Dictionary defines Primality as a ‘primal thing; an essential or fundamental concept’.

The family governance, which is at the heart of what we do, brings families together in a business, investment or philanthropic enterprises by us identifying objectives of the families and through generation planning – those things that are primal.

We work with families and their businesses in their native language - which we believe is essential - combining the legal, HR, PR and financial expertise we have across the board.

Management Team

Svetlana London - Partner

Svetlana London

Svetlana London - Partner

Legal and Tax

Svetlana, with assistance of a team of senior lawyers and tax advisors, specialises in Legal and Tax for Private and Corporate clients.

Catherine Swoboda - Partner

Catherine Swoboda

Catherine Swoboda - Partner

HR and Governance

Catherine is specialising in HR Management and Family/Business Governance working with businesses and families to establish sustainable structures in relation to the family business and assets.